Product Design Fundamentals
All you need to learn the end-to-end design process. From concept to prototype.
May 18 — Jun 30

4 weeks sprint, learn by doing

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English workshop (GMT)
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Goal of the program

This course will equip you with basic skills to kickstart your product design career. We'll simulate a real-world project, from handling a product brief, creating a design concept, and turn it into a beautiful design.

No design knowledge is required. We tailored this program to be beginner-friendly. It's perfect if you're a student who want to learn the basics. It's also for UX writer, researcher, or anyone who want to switch their career to product design.

Weekly schedule

The live classes are on the weekends. 9-11 am.
Live class
Live class
Independent work
Collaborate with your cohort

What you'll learn

Week 0: Onboarding
Get to know your cohort and set your goal.
Week 1: Practical information architecture
If your team is going to create software, where should you start? Learn how to start a project, structure your navigation, and make a data structure.
18-19 May (09-11 am WIB)
Week 2: Think in low fidelity
Your users must know how to navigate and use your app. You will learn the basics of sketching to visualize your design concept.
25-26 May (09-11 am WIB)
During the break, you'll have an opportunity to continue work on your project.
Week 3: User interface design
Learn to build your design eyes. Layout, icon, color, typography -- it all can be overwhelming! You’ll be using Figma to turn your concept into a high-fidelity design.
22-23 Jun (09-11 am WIB)
Week 4: Prototype
Communicating your design is critical. We’ll teach you how to create a clickable prototype so your design feels real!
29-30 Jun (09-11 am WIB)
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