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Interface Design Planning

Plan before high-fidelity.
Anticipate corner cases.
Prioritize and collaborate better with engineers.

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Learn by doing, with peers (Online)

Rp 800.000 1.000.000

4.9 (67)

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09.00 — 11.00 WIB (GMT +7)

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what will I learn?
Interaction Tree Map

Estimate how big of the project before jumping to design. Use the Interaction Tree Map to prioritize the scope with your team to meet that tight deadline.

Basic Human-Computer Interaction

Learn the fundamental of CRUD and how to apply it in your work. Anticipate corner cases—all possible user actions and conditions that you need to design for.

Phases Breakdown

Have a tight deadline? No problem. Learn how to slice your projects into different phases.

is this for me?

Picture this: Your team is about to build the next big feature. You have to come up with the design. But where do you even start?

You can jump straight into the pixel-perfect details. But, you get overwhelmed quickly with so many things. You might miss that corner case: What happens when the user’s internet stop working? Can the user undo the action?

It's chaotic.

This workshop is a guide for that. You’ll learn a step-by-step way to plan your work and prioritize it. After this workshop, you'll be able to apply it to your work. Consider joining this workshop if you want to...
- Be more structured in how you work
- Estimate your work better
- Level up your interaction design thinking

It's for Product Designer

Individual contributors, all level.
Product Design Manager can benefit from this too.

in a nutshell

2 days online workshop

Minimum presentation

Practical learning

Access to Discord group

Be an effective designer

Apply it to your work immediately

What a hidden gem!! I will promote this workshop to my coworkers, super insightful.
Nadya Ayu, Product Designer
You should join this workshop if you want to upgrade your process before jump into the high fidelity. I can now scope my project better!
Dimas Imameza, Product Designer
This workshop give me a new framework to plan the interface. Very practical and the way Budi explains is easy to understand.
Vellicia, Product Designer
Very helpful! The workshop is fun and I can apply the learnings. I'm stoked to be in this community
Ananto, Product Manager
I learn something new. It's practical, I can digest it well and implement it right away during and after the workshop. Overall, this is a great short workshop.
Eka Juliantara, Product Designer
questions? answered
Is this an online workshop?

Yes, this is an online workshop. We will use Google Meet.

When is the latest to apply?

The latest application is on 4th of December.

How does the learning experience look like?

20% of lecture and 80% of exercise. We design the workshop to be engaging because we believe you can learn better by doing. Expect to get a short lecture but we'll jump into exercise right away. 96.7% of alumni shared that the workshop is practical and they can use it on their work.

I'm not a product designer, can I join?

Definitely, as long as you feel the syllabus is useful for you. Our community is mixed of PMs, Designers, and Researchers.

Is there a group activity?

We'll learn as a group together, but all exercises are done individuals. So you can apply it directly to your work or project. A lot of students benefit from applying it to their work because they can ask for guidance on how to navigate their unique situation during Q&A session.

After I applied and paid, what's next?

You should get the invoice and the link to join to our Discord community on your email. Please check your email and check the spam folder.

I'm from Malaysia, can I join?

Yes. Some people from Malaysia joined our workshop in the past, they can follow along due to the similarity of our language. If you're interested, please send an email to and I'll give you the PayPal payment link.

Product Discovery Workshop

this is a workshop.

you will learn techniques to validate your team's deduction about an idea and increase the chance of making a product people love.

make a lovable product.

want to make a successful product? you must solve user’s problems.

in theory, that sounds great. in reality, our team often starts with an ambiguous idea, “let’s build X.” this workshop will show you how to turn that idea into a clear strategy, validate it with users, and gain strategic insights to help your team identify real user problems.

practical. not theoretical.

imagine this: you'll listen to the lecture for 10 minutes, then you will apply that learning right away using your worksheet. This is how our live class works. at the end, you can bring that worksheet to your team and discuss it with them. or you can apply it to the next project.

4 sessions. learn by doing.

day 1: make the strategy — we’ll look into 6 dimensions you need to clarify when building a new product, you can use this framework when your boss gives you that abstract idea. (lol)

day 2: validate risks — the strategy is an internal assumption. some assumptions are risky. we’ll learn how to identify those risks. then you’ll get some tactics on how to validate it.

day 3: case study — you’ll get tips and tricks from a real case study.

day 4: sharing session — you will share your strategy. you can observe people’s work to cement your learning. you’ll get feedback to sharpen your understanding.

the workshop can’t cover all details. don’t worry, though. after the workshop, you’ll join a discord channel where you can ask things.

it's for you

who's building 0 -> 1
who's working in an early startup
who want to learn how to validate assumptions
who want to prepare to be a product manager or designers
managers who want to learn product strategy
product designers, researchers, pm, or engineers

it's not for

fresh graduate or students
individual contributors who's working on product growth

it's proven.

I applied the learning material in my current company, and it has proven to help the team to be more efficient.
— Dea, Head of Design at Flip

Worth every penny!! The framework helped me align and influence other team members.
— Angga, Product Design Lead at Amartha

The tools and frameworks help me shape my thinking. Crafters focus on doing, not only listening.
— Velli, UX Designer at Bibit


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Cohort 2 community
sneak peek: the workshop is interactive, you learn by doing. Apply the learning back to your work.


Budi Tanrim

You can call me Budi. I was previously a Head of Design at Bukalapak, I scaled the team to be more user-centric. Previously I work with company like Shopify and Yahoo.