Interface Design Planning

Scope, prioritize, and anticipate corner cases

11 — 17 Aug 2024 (English)

  • 11 Aug, 9-11 am (GMT+7) • Kickoff
  • 12-14 Aug, self-pace • Individual learning
  • 17 Aug, 9-11 am (GMT+7) • Group discussion
Interface Design Planning


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What you'll learn
Define scope

Define scope. Learn how to scope your work using interaction tree map — a simple and practical way to estimate the work before designing.

Anticipate corner cases

Anticipate corner cases. Avoid surprises because you missed the corner cases. Learn a simple way to break down your interaction so you can think critically.

Prioritize with your team

Prioritize with your team. Learn how to use rough sketches to facilitate a discussion with engineers and PMs, so you can prioritize in details together.

Is this for me?

Your team ask you: "How much time do you need to work on this?" You know it's critical to estimate and plan ahead. However, our work is usually complicated — lots of corner cases that we missed and have to make changes in the last minute. As a result, we often "need more time" and this can affect team's trust.

This workshop is not discussing about high-fidelity. It focuses on the thinking and planning process before you go to the high-fidelity, so you can be efficient.

If you finish this workshop, you will have a process to define scope from the designer's perspective. You will be able to facilitate the planning session with your team using interaction tree map.

What people said?

I love the workshop, very practical! The way Budi explain the framework is very easy to understand. Crafters really helps me shape my thinking.

Vellicia, UX Designer @ Bibit


I joined all the Crafters workshops. I always have an aha moment that significantly changes my thinking. Every time I learn something, I can apply it to my work. It's not just theoretical. I love being part of Crafters.

Ani, Product Designer @ Gravel


This is one of the best workshops I've joined! Super practical because I can implement what I learn at work immediately. Glad to be part of Crafters.

Eno, Product Designer @ Hostinger

Nadya Ayu

What a hidden gem!! I will promote Crafters to my coworkers. It's a BOMB.

Nadya Ayu, Project Manager


Thumbs up! The workshop helps me structure my thinking and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Ganis, UI/UX Designer


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